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Book - "My little dad has nightmares"

A dad wakes up in the middle of the night because

he had again a terrible nightmare.

He dreamed that a monster rip out his shirt, another stole his things at work, and a third one took his car...


His boy reassure him and cuddle him to put him back to sleep. Because, no, monsters do not exist!

You have to sleep, Little Daddy, there's school tomorrow...


The reversal role creates gag and surprise. With tenderness, always. An ideal album - carried by

the irresistible images of Thomas Baas - to play

down the nightmare.


Text: @Actes Sud Junior

Book - Oh ! Un petit frère

 « Hanieh Delecroix played humor to give us keys to offer the child, who sometimes sees his daily messed up

by the arrival of a newcomer in the siblings.


And what to do when you're tired when pregnant?

It must be said to the child. This is the reality principle.

A pregnancy tires a mother, and it can give nausea.


Father can take over! Good idea, no? »


Texte : @ Emilie Poyard pour

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